Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Workstation

Today (Wednesday, 19, 2007) I was assigned a workstation in the courses' dedicated workshop and became acquainted with some of the hand tools that I will be using over the next two years, Each desk was set up with a broad range of manual woodworking tools
such as:

Chisels(Set of six ranging from a quarter inch to inch and three quarters)
Planes (Block, Palm and spokeshaves)
Screwdrivers (Manual and bits)
Punches (Hammer punches and bradawl)
Hammer (Plastic headed)
Measuring tools (tape measure, steel ruler, metre rule and Vernier caliper)
Saws (Jack, Jig and junior hack)
Drill Bits
Sharpening Stone
Sanding Block
Marking tools (Knife and Gauge)

After being shown the hand tools I was brought on a tour of the building and the machine room, this is separated from the workshop by a solid wall, therefore cutting down on noise levels in the workshop, there I was shown the use of a broad range of power tools, These included:

Band Saw
Thickness Planer
Sanding Station
Sharpening Stone
Chop Saw
Table Saw

The use of all of these tools were provided as part of the course which I found to be very good form as they would have been very expensive to purchase.
These comprise most of the tools used to meet any woodworking requirements save for a few specified instrument making tools, which largely are instrument specific.

I was taken through the process of sharpening a plane's blade by the instructor using the powered sharpening stone and then the manual sharpening stone, I was also taken through all the parts of the Block Plane and shown how to take it apart, adjust and put it back together again, this is very important in terms of the proper use and maintenance of a plane.

I found that today's practical was informative and necessary to the future of my work and confidence in the workshop.

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