Tuesday, October 9, 2007

CD Rack

Today I began making a manger style CD rack. In order to do this I utilized two Lapped Mortise & Tenon Joints (see picture) to make the "legs" for the rack, It will become apparent in the next post what I'm at but for now that's all I got done in the three hours I had, I also sharpened my chisels quite a lot, I like a sharp chisel. These joints took a long time to cut as it's easy to do them but time consuming to try and get them close to perfect. This is part of a learning curve though so I took my time. I'm still not happy with the joints but they are an improvement on the previous work so I'm satisfied with progress. I just wish it was a faster process. Tomorrow brings another day and I'll post again to show the progress made in tomorrow's practical. Until then I'll leave you with some wise words, "Keep one eye closed at all costs" Bob Dylan.

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