Friday, October 26, 2007

Sound Engineering, First Track

This morning Class A of M&IT recorded our first track, We set up the drums in the recording studio firstly, mic'd them up, got levels on an acoustic guitar and recorded a piece to break the ice, I played a little song that I half know and made a balls of. We used the pro-tools HD system through the Mac Pro and Soundcraft LX7 II. Tom & Davina recorded The vocal track to Nirvana song "Heart Shaped Box". We listened to this and I recorded the bass guitar track, Unfortunately I had to leave the class early (working, that's why I'm wearing a shirt & tie in the picture) so that's as far as I know of. Hopefully some drums and guitar were added after I left. I really enjoyed this class all round. Great to get some music recorded finally! That's where we left it for Halloween break. Back again Monday week and I'll have more news from there on. G'luck!

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