Thursday, November 8, 2007

Metalwork Assessment: Tin Whistle

Right, It's been a while because of the Halloween break and finding the internet not working when I came back, fortunately it's fixed so I'll fill you in, Here goes. In metal work this week we've begun to make our assessed project, this is a tin whistle, although it's made out of copper and aluminum it's fairly close to a tin whistle. here's how it was done. I cut 14mm copper pipe to 300mm length, used the lathe to take it down to 295mm as the pipe cutter has a tendency to bend the end you use it to cut, lathing also makes the cut perfectly flush and after taking the burrs of it's fairly clean too. I then use a very accurate drill to centre punch the holes, the placement of the holes is critical so this is done carefully. I went about drilling the holes to correct size then, cant remember off hand what they were but that's written down somewhere if you're interested in making one yourself. I then lathed an aluminum bar from 20mm to 13.4mm (the internal diameter of the copper pipe). I cut it at 24mm as directed & then machined a groove into the cylinder while clamping it to a tapered block so as to cut a tapered groove. I filed this groove so as to widen the deep end to 9mm, keeping the shallow end 7mm. After this I cleaned the burrs from all the holes & test fitted the aluminum cylinder into the pipe, this was snug, I was happy. I squared off the air escape hole as the picture on the left shows. I then jumped the gun and hammered the square hole without any guidance, I didn't make a complete arse of it tho, I stopped in time, there's a tool to make it the right depth and angle so I'll use this tomorrow, I'll also flute the whistle and I'll have completed the first instrument of the course! I'll update this then, sorry about the pictures, shitty camera-phone. If anyone has seen a sony camera charger send it my way!

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