Thursday, November 8, 2007

Some interesting stuff from the studio

These are just a couple of pictures from the recording studio for your pleasure. We've taken delivery of a few toys and tools that I feel should be documented as they're quite important. The drum kit (left, rather obviously) is essential for keeping the drummers busy while we use the electric kit (right), lots of fun kits on this like congas, steel drums, effects etc. The electric piano (below, left) is an essential for most styles of music, but I think we'll have to get someone to play it, I dont think anyone in the course does. I think it's important to put a picture of the console (below, right) here too because this is where the serious business is taken care of. It's not finished yet, there's a 24 channel digital desk to go in where the 16 is in the picture. Also, it's difficult to see but there's a digidesign keyboard whit all the Pro-Tools hot-keys highlighted in various colours, a nice tool to speed up work!

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