Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sound Engineering Assessment 1

For our first assessment in Sound Eng we were given the task of drawing our own block diagrams for the two analogue mixing desks in the studio. These are Soundcraft spirit FX (8 ch) & Soundcraft LX 7 II (16 ch). The block diagram is a drawing representing the logical footpath of a signal through a mixing desk. There's a picture of the diagram I handed up for the FX 8, it's fairly simple and not everything is included but I think there's quite a bit of detail. A document explaining my understanding of each step accompanied this. I'm happy with my effort in doing this, it took too long to be disapointed with it! I handed this up today & headed into our second assessment almost straight away, no rest for the wicked. Dunno how I turned into one of those people! I've tried hard enough not to.

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