Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sound Engineering Assessment 2

Today we had our first assessment in Pro-Tools. We had to create a session, put down some tracks (name & colour code them first of course), split them into sections & rearrange them, We then did some automation (panning) and put some reverb on one of the tracks. Nothing too serious but I suppose it gives paul a chance to see if we're doing things right or wrong. Hopefully nothing was too amiss with mine anyways! There's a little picture (left) of a screen shot of the Pro-tools session. You can just make out that the blue track has been cut in half and you might notice that the first half of it is the beginning of the red track (actually you'd do well to spot that without mentioning it). I've added another of the workstation too, this is the simple set up I used for the assessment, aside from the phone of course.

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Karl said...

ah now the sony is a vital part of the pro tols process