Monday, December 3, 2007

Music Stand Finished

Haven't updated this for a while, I've been busy! Finally finished the music stand for instrument tech, fairly happy with it, think it'll get a good mark. It's clean enough for a music stand, wouldn't be happy with the finish had it been an instrument but it's grand for a music stand. No knots, don't know if this makes it better or just bland looking though, I prefer it anyways, more stable too.

I'll keep the rest short:

04 Dec: Hand up Dreamweaver project (Might publish it if I can) & do MS Access exam.

05 Dec: Acoustics Exam.

06 Dec: Sound Engineering Presentation and Pro-Tools assessment SIMULTANEOUSLY!
07 Dec: Study for end of term exams.

08 Dec: Work.

09 Dec: Study.

10 Dec: Exams commence, 10th,11th,13th,14th.

17 Dec: E-Mail Event Critique.

Then a full month off. Will write more next time!

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