Friday, September 26, 2008

Former Done, neck block started

This week I finished off the internal former, I put flexi-ply around the former, screwed it at where the middle of the lower bout of the guitar would be, hmmm how to word that better (where the strap pin would be if it were a real guitar), then I took to the nail gun (lovely little tool) and pinned it all the way around, taking special care aroun

d the waist, this being the tightest bend of them all, and pinned the waist at opposite angles to prevent from the pins pulling out. I then screwed it at where the neck would join the body (if it were a guitar that is). Then once that was done I cut a piece of ply to the shape of the bottom of the former and pinned it to the base. The picture on the right was taken just before this step. Once this was done it was time to practise bending some sides, I thicknessed a piece of pine, (cheap & flexible) to 2.5mm using the thicknesser (got some practise there too) and wet it while the Iron was warming up. I used an Iron from Stew Mac, It was more than adequate, I got the side to form to the correct shape after five minutes practise, next week I'm going to practise some more using some practise side material I got off Madinter earlier this year.

I look forward to getting better at this before bending my sides in

this manner. I'm going to use Malaysian Blackwood for my instrument which is reportidly easy to bend. (nice one!) I tackled the neck block next as we hadn't much workshop time left and that was a nice job to get into while the mortiser was free. The picture on the right shows my progress from the block to where I am now. I just mortised the block and chiseled some of the excess away, I'm going to route that correct profile using a dovetail bit and a template, also from Stew Mac.

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