Friday, September 19, 2008

Former Progress

This week we continued with our formers, due to the precise nature of this step (I'd like to use mine again in the future!) it's taking some time, I guess we've spent four and a half hours working on them so far so it's not painfully slow really! Good ol' blogger here is refusing to upload any pictures today so maybe I'll put them up when it's feeling less temperamental, basically what we did this week was cleaned up the sides of the former until they were dead on, then we went about cutting 110mm pieces of planed 2" X 1.5" or similar, maybe slightly lighter, anyways, that doesn't really matter, I cut about sixteen of them, then I lined up the sides to four of the blocks and nailed them and continued with the next twelve. I double pinned them so they couldn't twist and then sanded down any spots higher than the sides. That's as far as I got this time around, I'll put flexi-ply on the top and bottom of the former next week and that'll be the former ready for some sides!

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