Friday, October 3, 2008

Cut side, Shaped Blocks & Braces

A little photo update of what I got done this week, I firstly finished shaping my neck block, I used the router and a Stew Mac acrylic jig (I swear I'm not just an advert for Stew Mac). Once I had that done I took the block down to size and shaped it to the plan I'm building to, I beveled the edges that could be beveled and put the right radius on the side that is to be glued to the sides, the same side will take the neck, this needed to be radiused to fit the side assembly correctly. The photo on the bottom left is of the finished neck and tail block, the tail block was radiused too in order to fit the side assembly, I began with the side assembly then, (middile photo) All I had time to do was thickness and cut the sides, I will fire up the bending Iron and wet the sides next week, I left them to one side then and started to shape the back braces, this was a nice handy job, I got them shaped (roughly) using the belt sander, in five or ten minutes, I'm getting more confident with the sander now, I'll sand down a finger nail soon and lose it again! Anyways, that's all for now, next week I'll be bending sides, this may take the three hours, hopefully less, but I presume I should make and external former first? hmm...

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