Monday, October 27, 2008

Right, an update at last

I haven't put up an update for a fortnight for a couple of different reasons, I skipped a lecture, not like me at all, and this week has been consumed by an assignment we've been doing as much as we can on. I've made some progress since the last post however, whether you'd call it progress or not is questionable really I'm afraid. I've joined my back plates, this is definitely positive progress, and I've bent my sides, one major problem however is that I've bent the two sides the same way, in the same direction I mean, this is bad. I have to return next week, after mid-term to straighten one of them and try to bend it the opposite way, failing this I'll bring in another set and start again, I must say that bending the sides has been a huge and very steep learning curve for me. The first side took nearly two hours to bend and I suffered three separate cracks in the side, the second side took only a half hour to complete, if only I paid more attention to the orientation of the cut side with regard the one already bent. I don;t think I'll be making this mistake again for a long time, I really learned by my mistake this time!
So, pictures, right, up top left and top right you can see my cracks from my first attempt at bending Malaysian Blackwood, fair enough to make a mistake, this wood is expensive though, unfortunate, marking it down to experience. On the bottom we've got a picture of Cathal, displaying the safety gear, goggles, ear muffs, dust mask, and you can just about see his apron, and on the right is my back plates gluing, the stack of timber is providing them with adequate downward force, there are screws on both sides of the plates to keep them together while gluing and drying takes place, I left them like this for 24 hours and Gary moved them when dry.
Thanks Gary!

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