Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Round-Up

So unfortunately Christmas came around and due to exams and festivities I've not updated this in a while. Here's where I'm at, I've joined the back and inserted a centre herringbone binding down the centre of the back.
I'm really impressed by the figure of the timber I've used for the back! I've joined the sides, after plenty of bending, must have taken three separate sessions to get the sides right! But, here's how it looked at that stage!
You can see I've got the neck and tail blocks glued in place and I'm beginning to glue on my handmade kerfing too, 
In the next picture you can see the side assembly with the internal former and a waist former also in place.

As you can see in the picture this stage made it necessary to finally use the small hand plane, (sharpen it first of course), I took the sides down to the required dimensions with the plane following the grain very closely, due to the figure of my sides I had to be very careful!

Here is as far as I've gotten, I've got all the kerfing glued in place and I've to take it down and clean it up before I can put the back on, I've also got the back braced, no pictures though, I'm ready to join the back to the sides once I've the kerfing taken down a little, then I'll shave the back braces to my liking, and my top's joined so I've got to cut out the soundhole, rout a channel and install a rosette and brace the top, I've the braces roughly shaped already, so this will take shape quickly enough!
That's all for now!

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