Friday, April 17, 2009

Before actually gluing on the braces I cut and shaped a soundhole patch, this is a thin veneer of mahogany in this case, (type of wood unimportant/matter of preference) The point of this veneer is to make the soundhole surroundings stronger. The soundhole being an area where the end-grain is visible and prone to being stuck with plectrums.

I then glued the back to the side assembly and trimmed the back down almost to size. Next job was to glue on the braces to the top. Once I had all the braces in place I had to glue a maple plate to the underside of the top, over which the bridge is to be placed. This is in order to strengthen the top where the pressure of the strings will be strongest. Once I had this done I trimmed the shape of the top using the bandsaw.

Here you can see the soundhole patch and the bridge reinforcement being glued in place, notice that the top is only roughly shaped at this stage.

you can see that the braces are nearly at their final shape at this stage, I have scalloped them here, ready to be sanded clean and flush after clamping, this is a sensible thing to do as if you fully shape them before gluing you have to be very careful not to mar them with clamps.

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