Friday, April 17, 2009

Next job is to join the side assembly to the braced back. I used an abundance of spool clamps to do this, along with the former for the waist of the guitar and two G cramps, and two sash clamps. After I took the back and side assembly out of the clamps I realized that the guitar body had been distorted in an attempt to fir the sides to the back plate, the main problem for this, I have deduced, is that with no external former, the bent sides fought the bending over the length of time they were released from pressure, an external former would have kept this pressure on the sides until the top and back were glued thus there would be no movement, this is a mistake that I wont be making again. It has adversely effected almost every step from here on, from fitting the top, to fitting the neck, this inherent pressure will apparently also have a detrimental effect on the sustain of the guitar.

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